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A searchable table of more or less recents talks given by rOpenSci team members or people representing rOpenSci.

A guide to modern reproducible data science with RKarthik Ram2019en
A preview of Rtools 4.0Jeroen Ooms2019en
Mejores paquetes de R, mejor cienciaMaëlle Salmon2019es
rOpenSci, revues de packages R par les pairs pour une meilleure scienceMaëlle Salmon2019fr
rOpenSci, peer review, statistical software, and testingMark Padgham2020en
Peer-Reviewing R Code: Where We've Been and Where We're Going at rOpenSciNoam Ross2020en
staypuft: object validation and serialization & should this even be a package?Scott Chamberlain2020en
Revisar paquetes para una mejor cienciaMaëlle Salmon2020es

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