convertr tutorial

for v0.1

An R package for converting things to other things.

The package contains one function which converts numerical vectors from one unit to another. Data on conversion factors comes from the POSC Units of Measure Dictionary v2.2 and Wikipedia.


Stable version from CRAN


Development version from GitHub

if (!require("devtools")) install.packages("devtools")


convert(1:20, "kg", "g")
convert(1:20, "sq yd", "km2")

#This will produce an error:
convert(1:20, "kg", "km2)

Units are converted using a lookup table, based on the POSC dictionary. You can explore this table using the explore_units() function. This function launches a shiny app.

Figuring out which units can be converted to each other can be tricky, so convertr comes with an an shiny gadget to help you build valid convert() expressions. This can be accesed either by calliing convert_gadget() or through the addin menu. To access the addin make sure you are using a recent version of RStudio.

Gadget Animation


Gordon Shotwell (2016). convertr: Convert Between Units. R package version 0.1.

License and bugs

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