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If you’re looking for examples of how our R packages or resources have been used, search no more! We collect use cases in our public forum and we created a template there to help you share yours. Below is a random subset as well as a searchable archive of all use cases. Browse them, and report your own use case(s) to our forum. For more illustrations of our packages' use, also see the citations page.

Title Resource Date
Linking phylogenetic and geographic data using rotl and rgbif rotl, rgbif 2019-03-22
weathercan: Exploring extreme weather events in my neighbourhood weathercan 2019-03-27
rBiodiversidata rredlist, taxize 2019-03-28
taxize: Understanding how seafood mislabelling misrepresents the conservation status of the fish on your plate taxize 2019-03-29
rgbif: get a little or a*lot* of occurrence data rgbif 2019-04-02
Get tweet status ID from CrossRef Event Data with crevents crevents 2019-04-12
qualtRics: the Stack Overflow Developer Survey qualtRics 2019-05-01
Using drake to power a new soil respiration database drake 2019-05-04
Can rainfall be a useful predictor of epidemic risk across temporal and... nasapower 2019-05-10
rcrossref for #TidyTuesday rcrossref 2019-05-17
Using bib2df to parse the R Journal archives bib2df 2019-05-29
osmdata use case: Bicycle network analysis of Auckland osmdata 2019-05-30
get_clean_obs R Function (searching, pulling and cleaning citizen science records from iNaturalist and GBIF) spocc, rgbif 2019-06-06
Using bomrang to correlate weather conditions to sorghum stalk rot (charcoal rot) bomrang 2019-07-01
Promoting R and rOpenSci packages in UK local government ropenaq 2019-07-17
Using fingertipsR for public health data in UK local government fingertipsR by Sebastian Fox 2019-07-17
Querying linked data to improve public services ghql 2019-07-17
Teaching how to create high quality R packages rOpenSci package development guide book 2019-08-05
Use of R package review guidelines in independent manuscript review rOpenSci package development guide book 2019-08-08
Using rorcid to generate a website CV rorcid: GitHub - ropensci/rorcid: A programmatic interface the API 2019-08-20
Using pdftools, tabulizer, and writexl to simplify business information handling workflow pdftools, tabulizer, writexl 2019-08-27
Converting MedDRA Terminology to Linked Data using rdflib rdflib 2019-09-06
Use rnaturalearth to get a background map in sf format for plotting with ggplot rnaturalearth 2019-09-10
drake use case involving fires! drake 2019-09-27
Can {drake} RAP? Promoting {drake} for pipeline management in UK government {drake} 2019-10-02
Academic CV using {vitae}, {scholar} to pull papers, and {tic} for building on Travis. {vitae} and {tic} - both rOpenSci Labs (and excellent) 2019-10-03
tidyhydat and weathercan webinar tidyhydat, weathercan, hydrology task view 2019-10-29
Reproducible CV using rorcid rorcid 2019-11-02
ERDDAP servers use case: tidync and rerddap rerddap and tidync 2019-11-07
Analyzing invoice data from Elsevier relative to hybrid open access rcrossref, crminer, tabulizer 2019-11-25
Batch image manipulation using magick magick 2019-11-26
mapping the location of biogeography researchers with `refsplitr` package refsplitr 2020-01-28
Accessing, wrangling and plotting global weather data (for free!) rnoaa, lawn 2020-01-30
tabulizer for parsing block-text from .pdf tabulizer 2020-02-01
osmdata use case: Wall Art osmdata 2020-02-06
pdftools for parsing .pdf from a URL - public data mining pdftools 2020-02-15
Searching Microsoft Academic & extracting the metadata microdemic 2020-03-27
pdftools for parsing tables from many .pdfs pdftools 2020-03-31
{Magick}ally Visualize Historical Google Maps Traffic Data magick 2020-04-10
Use of crul's retry sub-routine in an API package crul 2020-04-16
Animated generative art with magick magick 2020-04-21
Using taxadb to query taxonomic information in ecology projects taxadb 2020-04-27
{drake} at Queensland Fire and Emergency Services drake 2020-05-04
Visualize covid19 cases using rnaturalearth package rnaturalearth 2020-05-05
Package for downloading shapefiles using piggyback piggyback 2020-05-11
bomrang with a third party package, stationaRy, to get hourly weather data and clifro to plot wind roses bomrang, clifro 2020-05-17
Using {drake} for machine learning drake 2020-05-22
Detecting the Effects of Sustained Glacier Wastage on Streamflow in Variably Glacierized Catchments (Using tidyhydat) tidyhydat 2020-05-25
Create a time-lapse video using av package av 2020-06-08
Scrape an image from DeepZoom with R and magick, recomposing a single image from multiple tiles magick 2020-06-08
US lawmakers on Twitter during a pandemic: some corpus linguistics methods rtweet 2020-06-09
Testing an API wrapper with webmockr and vcr webmockr and vcr with the HTTP testing book. This question on ROpenSci helped me discover the tools 2020-06-09
Using DataPackageR to create data package Pandemic Papers with Chris Knox DataPackageR 2020-06-17
Using qualtRics to study the effect of COVID-19 on scientists qualtRics 2020-06-21
Filtering pdfs using RegEx in their body pdftools 2020-06-25
Extraindo tabelas de documentos pdf em R com Tabulizer Tabulizer 2020-07-20
Creating a self-updating GitHub README using rtweet and GitHub Actions rtweet 2020-07-21
Spanish and English blogs on how to use rtweet and magick rtweet, magick 2020-08-01
Basic manipulation of GIF frames with magick magick 2020-08-13
Bar chart portraits with magick magick 2020-08-23 using europepmc and rAltmetric europepmc, rAltmetric 2020-09-08
Kontarion - a stack extending rocker/ml-verse for Bibliometric analytics oai, rentrez, fulltext, europepmc, refsplitr, rcrossref, citecorp, roadoi 2020-09-15
Mapping scientific collaboration about the Anthropoce with refsplitr Package refsplitr 2020-09-15
Processing Web of Science records with refsplitr to study author gender and geography Package refsplitr 2020-09-15
A Twitter bot with rtweet, Mapbox and GitHub Actions rtweet 2020-09-25
osmdata: Rail transport network of the three largest cities in Spain osmdata 2020-10-27
osmdata, rnaturalearth and magick for #TidyTuesday osmdata, rnaturalearth, magick 2020-11-06
Use stplanr to find and plot major streets of a city stplanr package 2020-11-18
Handling vegetation-plot information using vegtable and taxlist taxlist 2020-11-21
Using av to convert audio files for compatibility with an electronic storyteller av 2020-12-10
Scraping liked posts on Twitter using rtweet rtweet 2021-01-03
Using ghql to analyze all my 2020 GitHub commits ghql 2021-01-16
Getting and plotting weather and climate data weathercan 2021-01-21
Using dittodb to test database queries dittodb 2021-01-25
Shiny apps to search #rstudioglobal or #rstats tweets with rtweet rtweet 2021-01-25
pdftools for extracting complex (e.g. text-wrapped/multiline) tables from pdfs pdftools 2021-01-26
Use gert to scan all git repos in a directory gert 2021-02-01
Mapping collaborations in Neotropical Taxonomy with refsplitr refsplitr 2021-02-06
Using terrainr to retrieve spatial data and make 3D landscape visualizations terrainr 2021-03-01
Teaching an introduction to workflow management using drake drake 2021-03-25
Using RSelenium to scrape a paginated HTML table RSelenium 2021-04-12
Scraping Google Play Reviews with RSelenium RSelenium 2021-05-11
Easily analyzing tweets using rtweet rtweet 2021-05-12
Most tweeted words each month: a year snapshot rtweet 2021-05-17
Using tabulizer to extract tabular data from daily COVID-19 reports tabulizer 2021-06-07
Using rotl to create phylogenetic trees rotl 2021-06-12
Mapping Asian elephant observations with rgbif rgbif 2021-06-23
Environment Canada air temperature using weathercan weathercan 2021-07-02
Historical dataviz recreations with a sprinkle of magick magick 2021-07-04
pdftools + tesseract para extraer texto en español pdftoolstesseract 2021-07-15
pdftools + map to download & read multiple pdfs pdftools 2021-07-15
Investigating the drought in the Canadian prairies weathercan 2021-07-26
targets pipeline with RMarkdown to download and visualize USGS data targets 2021-07-26
Answering 'what colour is London?' with magick and rtweet rtweet magick 2021-07-27
Informal package review using rOpenSci review template Review template from the package development guide 2021-08-04
Bayesian Regression Analysis with Rstanarm (with GSODR for supporting data) GSODR 2021-09-02
Slicing an image with magick for artistic effect magick 2021-09-07
Using stplanr to find shortest road network distance to a TB treatment clinic from a TB patients' household. stplanr 2021-09-20
Using jsonvalidate to validate the packages.json file from your personal universe jsonvalidate (and R-universe) 2021-10-05
Creating historical Congressional maps with USABoundaries USAboundaries 2021-10-10
Predizendo volume de eucalipto com tidymodels, XGBoost e targets targets 2021-10-13
Evaluating semi-parametric nowcasts of COVID-19 hospital admissions in Germany targets, piggyback 2021-11-30
Calculating US Residential Segregation Indices in A Reproducible Pipeline targets 2022-02-11
Use rtweet to manage lists and who you follow rtweet 2022-02-22
Using vcr for HTTP testing of a package for Kobotoolbox vcr the excellent http testing in r book 2022-03-24
Estimating leaf temperatures worldwide nasapower 2022-04-21
Analyze your Twitter timeline with rtweet and lubridate rtweet 2022-05-14
Extração de dados sobre heróis negros e negras da Marvel e DC tabulizer [pt-br] 2022-05-30
Map of linguae francae of Dagestan, Russia lingtypology 2022-06-02
Using taxize and highcharter in R to extract and visualize taxonomic data taxize 2022-09-13
Using handlr to convert bibtex citation to cff handlr 2022-09-16
Using a targets pipeline to query data from the Water Quality Portal targetsdataRetrieval 2022-10-03
Backing up GitHub organisation with gitcellar gitcellar blog post: Safeguards and Backups for GitHub Organizations 2022-10-12
Adding missing EXIF data to wildlife trail camera images magick 2022-11-10
Delete all your tweets using rtweet rtweet 2022-11-22

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